L'exposition du nom divin dans le livre de l'Exode 978-3-16-156735-3 - Mohr Siebeck

Guillaume Lepesqueux

L'exposition du nom divin dans le livre de l'Exode

Étude exégétique d'Ex 3,1–4,18; 6,2–7,7; 33–34

[The Divine Name in the Book of Exodus. An Exegetical Study of Exod. 3:1–4:18; 6:2–7:7; 33–34.]

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Guillaume Lepesqueux seeks to interpret Exod. 3,14 (»I am who I am«) in the context of enunciation of the Book of Exodus and its literary composition, and in doing so analyzes the three texts in which God communicates and explains his name to Moses.
Guillaume Lepesqueux presents an interpretation of Exod. 3:14 (»I am who I am«) within the context of Exodus and its literary composition. The story of how this verse was received in the West shows that it has more often than not been read through the lens of its Greek and Latin translations and almost systematically taken out of the literary context it belongs to. The author views and interprets Exod. 3:14 in light of the pericope of the burning bush (Exod. 3:1–4:18) and links it to the other two parts of the book of Exodus where God reveals and explains his name to Moses (Exod. 6:2–7:7; 33–34). The detailed exegesis of these three passages leads to the identifcation of four aspects of the revelation of the divine name, which corresponds to four singular moments of the composition of the book.

Guillaume Lepesqueux Né en 1981; 2001–06 Ecole Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de la ville de Paris ; 2006–2017 études théologiques à l'Institut catholique de Paris; 2017 soutenance de la thèse; depuis 2017 travaille en Thaïlande.


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