Antonella Bellantuono

Les Épithètes Divines dans la Septante: le cas de μακρόθυμος

Volume 11 () / Issue 3, pp. 267-281 (15)
Published 24.11.2022

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The article aims to investigate the lexical evolution of the adjective μακρόθυμος. The term occurs 19 times in the LXX, usually with reference to God. It is attested mostly in translated texts where it corresponds to the Hebrew 'æræk 'appayîm, literally, »longnostril« with the sense of »slow to anger.« However, the meaning of μακρόθυμος is not univocal. More specifically, in the translated books it rather indicates the idea of temporal limitation of divine anger, while in the books originally written in Greek it takes on the broader nuance of »magnanimity.« Through a detailed analysis of the contexts in which the adjective occurs within the Bible, the article seeks to explain this shift in meaning.

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