Helmut Koziol, Gabriele Koziol

Self-endangerment of an Alpinist – Claims of the Damaged Rescuer: Approaches under Austrian, German and Japanese Law Ansprüche des geschädigten Retters bei Selbstgefährdung eines Bergsteigers Lösungsansätze im österreichischen, deutschen und ja

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If an alpinist places himself in an emergency situation due to his own lack of care or boldness and another person in trying to rescue him suffers damage, the question arises on which basis and to which extent the rescuer is entitled to claim damages from the rescued alpinist. The present article surveys possible solutions under the doctrine of negotiorum gestio in case of necessity and tort law under Austrian, German and Japanese law. While all three legal systems provide for the compensation of expenses incurred by the negotiorum gestor, none of them has an explicit provision on the compensation of damage suffered by the negotiorum gestor. For Austrian law, an analogous application on the liability of the principal in case of contractual agency which is based on the idea of assumption of risks is proposed. German and Japanese law, however, seek to solve the problem through a broad interpretation of the term »expenses«. Japanese law offers still a further solution with statutory compensation schemes for rescuers in certain emergency situations. As for claims based on tort law, the problem arises that it cannot easily be argued that it is wrongful to put oneself at risk by going on a dangerous mountain hike. Thus, a careful balancing of the interests involved is necessary.

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Gabriele Koziol ist Professorin an der Universität Kyōto.