Sylvie Honigman, Ehud Ben Zvi

The Spread of the Ideological Concept of a (Jerusalem-Centred) Tōrâ-centred Israel beyond Yehud: Observations and Implications

Volume 9 () / Issue 4, pp. 370-397 (28)
Published 25.02.2021

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The first historical attestation of the wide acceptance and development of the ideological concept of a (Jerusalem-centred) tōrâ-centred Israel outside Judah occurs in Ptolemaic Egypt. Socio-demographic features of the Judean migration to Egypt in the aftermath of the Greco-Macedonian conquest and historical contingencies in Ptolemaic Egypt facilitated the socio-cultural processes that led to this outcome. This essay opens a conversation on how and why the concept of tōrâ-centred Israel, which was rooted in the late Persian period among Yehud's Jerusalem-centred literati, extended beyond its traditional circles and spread beyond its borders.

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Ehud Ben Zvi Born 1951; Professor (History & Classics) at the University of Alberta; has served and serves as chair of program units/research programmes at the Society of Biblical Literature and the European Association of Biblical Studies ; founder and general editor of the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures and former president of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies.