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Bernd Janowski

Anthropologie des Alten Testament

Grundfragen - Kontexte - Themenfelder
[The Anthropology of the Old Testament. Fundamental Questions - Contexts - Topics. 2nd, revised and supplemented edition.]
2nd revised and supplemented edition; 2023. XXI, 838 pages.
Published in German.
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»A book like this comes along once in a generation. Its predecessor, by H.W. Wolff, appeared in 1973. It was a justifiably well renowned volume and exceedingly well regarded and served for many decades the important task of helping readers of the Bible understand how 'man' was viewed in the Old Testament. This book is better, more thorough, and will serve many, many generations of biblical scholars and students. It is, without doubt, the best book I have read on an Old Testament subject this year. I cannot recommend it more highly.«Jim West on