Coping with Religious Change in the Late-Antique Eastern Mediterranean

Ed. by Eduard Iricinschi and Chrysi Kotsifou

[Die Bewältigung religiöser Veränderungen im östlichen Mittelmeerraum der Spätantike.]

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How did societies respond to political, social, textual and ritual changes that occurred in the late antique Eastern Mediterranean? This volume addresses »coping with religious change« from the perspectives of archaeology, art history, epigraphy, textual analysis, and papyrology.
The authors of this volume explore the variety of religious responses to political, social, textual and ritual changes that occurred in the late antique Eastern Mediterranean. The volume addresses the issue of »coping with religious change« from the multiple perspectives of archaeology, art history, epigraphy, textual analysis, and papyrology. How did religious subjects adapt to the Hellenization and Romanization of Judea and Asia Minor, the Christianization of the Roman Empire, and the Islamic conquest of Palestine, Egypt and North Africa? When changes happened to their societies, how much did late antique subjects borrow from the new cultural environment? This volume will fill a gap in contemporary historical debates on how to conceptualize change in late antique religions. In doing so, it recreates a dynamic image of the Roman world in late antiquity, a world which adopted changes and adapted to new political, social, and religious situations.
Survey of contents
Table of Contents:

Eduard Iricinschi/Chrysi Kotsifou:
Adopting Religious Transformations and Adapting Rituals in the Late-antique Eastern Mediterranean

I. Religious Change in Late-antique Greece and Asia Minor
Angelos Chaniotis: Horror saltus: Camouflaging Religious Change (2nd-5th cent. CE) – Efthymios Rizos: Civic Foundation Narratives and Sacred Topography in Philippi from Paganism to Christianity

II. Adapting to Transformations in Late-antique Palestine
Zeev Weiss: Building God's House: Synagogues, Churches, and Intercommunal Relations in Late Antique Palestine – Rina Talgam: Christians and Jews in the Eastern Galilee in Late Antiquity: Challenge and Response – Joseph Patrich: A Liturgical Transformation as Reflected in Church Architecture: The Evolution of the Great Entrance in the Churches of Palaestina and Arabia – Jonathan J. Price: The Different Faces of Euergetism in Syria and Iudaea/Palaestina in Late Antiquity: The Evidence of Synagogue Inscriptions – Yair Furstenberg: The Christianization of Proselyte Baptism in Rabbinic Tradition

III. Adaptation in Late-antique Egypt
Chrysi Kotsifou: The Manichaean Communities in Fourth-century Egypt: A Case of Persecution or Assimilation? – Jean-Luc Fournet: The Impact of Christianity on Papyri: The Case of Dioscorus of Aphrodito (Sixth-Century CE) – Mark Sheridan: The Mystery of Bohairic: The Role of Monasteries in Adaptation and Change

IV. Translating Religious Codes
Eduard Iricinschi: 'Write this Book in Hieroglyphic Characters' (NHC VI,6): Egyptian Antiquity in Coptic Antiquity – Daniel Barbu: The Invention of Idolatry – Uriel Simonsohn: The Survival of the Household under Early Islamic Rule

Eduard Iricinschi Born 1968; MA in Religious Studies from New York University; PhD in the Religions of Late Antiquity from Princeton University; currently visiting research fellow at the Käte Hamburger Kolleg, Ruhr University Bochum.

Chrysi Kotsifou Born 1973; MA in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies, King's College London; PhD in Byzantine Studies, King's College London; currently Polonsky Fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.


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