Seyoon Kim

Justification and God's Kingdom

[Rechtfertigung und Reich Gottes.]

2018. XIII, 193 pages.
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Justification means not only acquittal of our sins but also our restoration to the right relationship with God, i.e., our transfer to the kingdom of God and his son Jesus the Lord. Seyoon Kim shows that therefore, it entails the requirement for us to render »the obedience of faith« to the Lord Jesus during the present process of justification, so that we may obtain the consummation of justification at the last judgment, which will be according to our works.
The traditional understanding of Paul's doctrine of justification has an inherent problem of relating to his ethics. Following its anthropocentric approach to the doctrine, even »the New Perspective« makes little contribution toward resolving it. Hence, appreciating the facts that Paul places the doctrine in Romans within the inclusio of the Davidic Messiah Jesus' rule over all the nations as God's Son in Rom 1:3–5 and 15:12 and that his thesis about the doctrine in Rom 1:16–17 is but a soteriological statement about the effect of the Christologically formulated gospel of Rom 1:3–4, Seyoon Kim approaches the doctrine from both the Christological and anthropological perspectives. Thus he interprets justification as Herrschaftswechsel (cf. Käsemann), a transfer from the Satanic kingdom into the kingdom of God and his Son Jesus the Lord. This understanding makes him stress the present phase of justification as the process of rendering »the obedience of faith« to the Lord Jesus, and explain afresh the relationship between justification sola gratia/fide and judgment according to works. So he sets forth the thesis that Paul's gospel of justification is a post-Easter soteriological form of Jesus' gospel of God's kingdom.

Seyoon Kim Born 1946; 1977 PhD (University of Manchester); Professor of New Testament at Chongshin Theological Seminary, Seoul, Korea; Professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA, USA; currently a senior professor.


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