Nicole Kuropka



2010. V, 143 pages.
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Published in German.
Nicole Kuropka portrays the life and work of the polymath Philipp Melanchthon and does not only encounter a fascinating personality but also comes face to face with the multifaceted history of the Reformation.
Philipp Melanchthon, the most important of Martin Luther's colleagues, was one of the great reformers. He began his academic career at the University of Wittenberg as a professor of Greek, and quickly distinguished himself as a highly influential scholar and churchman. As an indefatigable interpreter of the Holy Scripture, he came to be seen as the teacher of the Reformation, who provided both the rationale for the Protestant ideal of education as well as its implementation. He championed Protestant doctrine at Imperial Diets and religious colloquies, and summarized this doctrine in the Augsburg Confession of 1530. Anyone wanting to immerse him – or herself in the life and work of this polymath will not only encounter a fascinating personality but also come face to face with the multifaceted history of the Reformation.

Nicole Kuropka Geboren 1970; 1990–96 Studium der evangelischen Theologie in Wuppertal, Bonn und Bochum; 1996–98 Studium der Geschichte an der University of Arizona / Tucson (USA); 2001 Promotion im Fach Kirchengeschichte; seit 2001 Vikariat.


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