The Dead Sea Scrolls. Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Texts with English Translations 978-3-16-147423-1 - Mohr Siebeck
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The Dead Sea Scrolls. Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Texts with English Translations

Volume 3: Damascus Document II, Some Works of the Torah, and Related Documents
Ed. by James H. Charlesworth with Henry W.M. Rietz; along with J.M. Baumgarten u.a.

[Die Schriftenrollen vom Toten Meer. Hebräische, aramäische und griechische Texte mit englischen Übersetzungen. Band 3: Fragmente des Damaskus-Dokuments, Einige Werke aus der Torah und Verwandte Dokumente.]

2006. XXVII, 304 pages.
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ISBN 978-3-16-147423-1
Published in English.
This series is the first critical and comprehensive edition of all the texts and English translations of the non-biblical Dead Sea Scrolls.
The Princeton Theological Seminary Dead Sea Scrolls Project is providing the first critical edition of all the Dead Sea Scrolls which are not copies of books in the Hebrew Bible (the so-called »Old Testament«) in 10 projected volumes along with 2 concordances. The format of the series is unique; each manuscript is presented with Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek text on the left page with facing English translation on the right. The series intends to be a standard reference work; thus, only probable reconstructions are made and the English translations are as literal as possible avoiding idiomatic renderings. Where a document is witnessed by more than one manuscript, each manuscript is presented separately, often with a critical apparatus. Critical notes help the reader to understand the text, variants, philological subtleties, and the translation. An introduction with selected bibliography precedes each document. The documents are prepared by an international team of over forty scholars with the editor and his assistants providing consistency, especially with regard to the consistent translation of technical terms and use of signs and sigla.
Volume 3 contains improved readings of Damascus Document Fragments, Some Works of the Torah, and Related Documents. The Damascus Document Fragments and Some Works of the Torah are two of the most important texts for understanding the origins and early history of the Qumran Community. Those documents, along with the other legal texts which are also included in this volume, also provide some of the earliest sources for understanding the development of Jewish halakah.

Survey of the Princeton Theological Seminary DSS Project:

Graphic Concordance
to the Dead Sea Scrolls. Tübingen/Louisville 1991

The Dead Sea Scrolls
Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Texts with English Translations
1: Rule of the Community and Related Documents. 1994
2: Damascus Document, War Scroll, and Related Documents. 1995
3: Damascus Document Fragments, Some Works of the Torah, and Related Documents. 2005
4A: Pseudepigraphic and Non-Masoretic Psalms and Prayers. 1997
4B: Angelic Liturgy: Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice. 1999
5: Thanksgiving Hymns and Related Documents
6A: The Targum on Job, Parabiblical and Related Documents
6B: Pesharim, Other Commentaries, and Related Documents. 2001
7: Temple Scroll and Related Documents
8: Genesis Apocryphon, New Jerusalem, and Related Documents
9: Copper Scroll, Greek Fragments, and Miscellanea
10: Biblical Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha

James H. Charlesworth Born 1940; Lady Davis Professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem; Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, Universität Tübingen; Professor at Duke University; Fulbright Fellow at the University of Edinburgh; Annual Professor of the American Schools of Oriental Research in Jerusalem; McCarthy Professor in the Gregorianum; currently George L. Collord Professor of New Testament Language and Literature at Princeton Theological Seminary; Director and Editor of the Princeton Theological Seminary Dead Sea Scrolls Project.

E. Qimron No current data available.

S. Pfann No current data available.

Lidija Novakovic Born 1955; 2002 Ph.D. in Biblical Studies (New Testament) from Princeton Theological Seminary; currently Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Bethel College, St. Paul.

J.B.F. Miller No current data available.

Douglas A. Hume Born 1969; 2009 Ph.D. in New Testament is from Princeton Theological Seminary; currently Assistant Professor of Religion at Pfeiffer University in Misenheimer, North Carolina, USA.

C. Claussen No current data available.

J. M. Baumgarten No current data available.

Henry W. Morisada Rietz Born 1967; 2000 Ph.D. at Princeton Theological Seminary; currently Professor of Religious Studies, Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa; Associate Editor of the Princeton Theological Seminary Dead Sea Scrolls Project.

Loren L. Johns Born 1955; 1977–1985 Pastor; 1985–1988 Theology Book Editor; 1993–2000 Assistant and Associate Professor of Religion, Bluffton College, Ohio; 1998 PhD; Formerly Academic Dean and currently Associate Professor of New Testament, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, Indiana.


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