The Glory of the Crucified One 978-3-16-156540-3 - Mohr Siebeck

Jörg Frey

The Glory of the Crucified One

Christology and Theology in the Gospel of John
Translated by Wayne Coppins and Christoph Heilig

[Die Herrlichkeit des Gekreuzigten. Christologie und Theologie im Johannesevangelium.]

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ISBN 978-3-16-156540-3
Published in English.
»One of the leading New Testament scholars of this generation, Jörg Frey here offers a series of mature reflections on the text that has been at the center of his research for many years. Learned essays explore the unique literary character of the Gospel, its engagement with its social setting, its ironic theology, and its profound reflection on the nature and work of Jesus Christ. Impressive learning and deep insight unite in a volume that all students of the Fourth Gospel and of early Christianity in general will want to study.«
Harry Attridge, Sterling Professor of Divinity, Yale Divinity School
Jörg Frey has devoted decades of his scholarly career to exploring the rich landscape of John's Gospel. He chronicles the results of this work in this volume, demonstrating how the Gospel sits at the very heart of the New Testament witness.
The author begins by locating his approach to the Gospel in relation to five classic ways John has been interpreted (Part 1) and by offering a summary of the results of his own interpretation, in which Jörg Frey argues that the Gospel forms the apex of New Testament theology (Part 5). In between, he first untangles several problems, such as questions of anti-Judaism, dualism, and docetism, that are characteristic of any discussion of John's Gospel (Part 2). From there, he focuses attention on the weighty events that, for John, form the crucial »hour« of Jesus—the death, resurrection, and glorification of Christ (Part 3). The author then builds on this central theme to explore the Christology and theology of John (Part 4).
This volume underscores the central message Jörg Frey sees in the Gospel: John's post-Easter memory (anamnesis) of the Jesus story aims at communicating that Jesus, who was crucified, has actually been glorified and is present in the realm of God, and in spite of his apparent absence from this world he is present in the community of believers through the Spirit.
For John, according to Jörg Frey, there is no concealment of the cruel reality of Jesus' death on the cross. The narrative of Jesus' trial and his crucifixion deliberately shapes its readers' perception of the truth of faith visualized in John's narration. In the end, readers should contemplate the »pierced,« crucified one as the source of their life and their communion with God.
Published in the US by Baylor University Press, Waco.

Jörg Frey ist Professor für Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft mit Schwerpunkten Antikes Judentum und Hermeneutik an der Theologischen Fakultät der Universität Zürich und Research Associate der University of the Free State, Bloemfontein.

Wayne Coppins is Professor of Religion at the University of Georgia.

Christoph Heilig Born 1990; 2009–14 studied theology; 2013 Master of Letters in »Biblical Languages and Literature at St. Mary's College, University of St Andrews; since 2014 research at the University of Zurich (SNF Project).


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