FinanzArchiv (FA)

European Journal of Public Finance

Dirk Schindler, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Jean-François Tremblay, University of Ottawa, Canada
Alfons J. Weichenrieder, University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, (managing)

ISSN 0015-2218 (Print Edition)
ISSN 1614-0974 (Online Edition)

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Volume 80 (2024) / Price per volume (4 issues with approx. 620 pages)

As one of the world's oldest professional journals in public finance, founded in 1884, FinanzArchiv (FA) publishes original work from all fields of public economics which are of interest to an international readership, e.g. taxation, public debt, public goods, public choice, federalism, market failure, social policy, and the welfare state. Special emphasis is on high-quality theoretical and empirical papers on current policy issues.