Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel (HeBAI) 2192-2276 (2192-2284) - Mohr Siebeck

Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel (HeBAI)

Editors: Gary N. Knoppers † (Notre Dame), Oded Lipschits (Tel Aviv), Carol A. Newsom (Atlanta GA), and Konrad Schmid (Zürich)

Editorial Office: Phillip Michael Lasater (Zürich)

Managing Editor: Konrad Schmid

Associate Editors: Erhard Blum (Tübingen), John Day (Oxford), Louis Jonker (Stellenbosch), John Kessler, (Toronto), Jacqueline E. Lapsley (Princeton), Martti Nissinen (Helsinki), Thomas Römer (Paris/Lausanne), Christoph Uehlinger (Zürich), David Vanderhooft (Boston), and Nili Wazana (Jerusalem)

ISSN 2192-2276 (Print Edition)
ISSN 2192-2284 (Online Edition)

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Volume 9 (2020) / Price per volume (4 issues with approx. 520 pages)

Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal focusing primarily on the biblical texts in their ancient historical contexts, but also on the history of Israel in its own right. Each issue has a topical focus.