Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel (HeBAI)

Editors: Oded Lipschits (Tel Aviv), Sara Milstein (Vancouver), Konrad Schmid (Zürich), Jakob Wöhrle (Tübingen)

Editorial Office: Dorothea von Böhlen (Tübingen)

Managing Editor: Jakob Wöhrle

Associate Editors: C. L. Crouch (Nijmegen), Guy Darshan (Tel Aviv), Peter Dubovsky (Rom), Christian Frevel (Bochum), Shuichi Hasegawa (Tokyo), Corinna Körting (Hamburg), Alice Mandell (Baltimore), Lauren Monroe (Ithaca), Bruce Wells (Austin), Avi Winitzer (Notre Dame)

ISSN 2192-2276 (Print Edition)
ISSN 2192-2284 (Online Edition)

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Volume 12 (2023) / Price per volume (4 issues with approx. 520 pages)

Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal focusing primarily on the biblical texts in their ancient historical contexts, but also on the history of Israel in its own right. Each issue has a topical focus.