Historical Interactions of Religious Cultures (HIReC)

Managing Editor: Volker Leppin (New Haven)

Editors: Alexander Fidora (Barcelona), Markus Friedrich (Hamburg), Carmen Cardelle de Hartmann (Zürich), Thomas Kaufmann (Göttingen), Volker Leppin (New Haven), Sabine Schmidtke (Princeton), Rebekka Voß (Frankfurt)

Advisory Board: Maribel Fierro (Madrid), Katharina Heyden (Bern), J. Michelle Molina (Evanston), Omer Michaelis (Tel Aviv), David Nirenberg (Princeton), John Tolan (Nantes), Alexander Treiger (Halifax), Katja Triplett (Göttingen)

ISSN 2941-4172 (Print Edition)
ISSN 2941-4180 (Online Edition)

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Volume 1 (2024) / Price per volume (2 issues with approx. 200 pages)

In view of the growing societal interest in interreligious exchange, conflict processes, and intercultural osmoses, scholarly efforts to "liquefy" the study of religions have intensified, conceiving of them as dynamic phenomena that constituted, configured, and evolved in permanent processes of interaction with other religions. This perspective on interreligious interaction is the thematic focus of the newly founded journal Historical Interactions of Religious Cultures (HIReC), with reference to the three major monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the pre-modern period, from the seventh to the eighteenth century.