Philosophy, Theology and the Sciences (PTSc)

Edited by Andrew Davison (Cambridge), Dirk Evers (Halle-Wittenberg), and Michael Spezio (Claremont)

Managing Editor: Dirk Evers

Associate Editors: Conor Cunningham (Nottingham), David Fergusson (Edinburgh), Agustín Fuentes (Princeton), Peter Harrison (Queensland), Kristian Köchy (Kassel), Nancey Murphy (Pasadena), Robert J. Russell (Berkeley), Mikael Stenmark (Uppsala), Günter Thomas (Bochum), Wesley Wildman (Boston), and Gayle E. Woloschak (Chicago)

ISSN 2195-9773 (Print Edition)
ISSN 2197-2834 (Online Edition)

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Volume 11 (2024) / Price per volume (2 issues with approx. 260 pages)

Philosophy, Theology and the Sciences (PTSc) is a peer-reviewed biannual journal which provides a platform for constructive and critical interactions between the natural sciences in all their varieties (from physics and biology to psychology, anthropology and social science) and the fields of contemporary philosophy and theology.