Medienakteure der Moderne - Mohr Siebeck
Medienakteure der Moderne
Edited by Peter Hoeres and Dominik Geppert
Media Protagonists of Modernity (MdM).
The new series “Media Protagonists of Modernity” (Medienakteure der Moderne) addresses print, broadcasting and digital media, and investigates their internal structures and processes as well as content and impact. For a modern media history, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and digital media provide sources for researching other societal sub-systems, but also possess the qualities of an actor: they act, effectuate consequences, follow their own logic and interact with other institutions and systems. In this way, the series opens up perspectives beyond media history.
ISSN: 2629-6314 / eISSN: 2629-6322 - Suggested citation: MdM
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