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Feitscher, Georg

Kontemplation und Konfrontation

Georg Feitscher traces the heterogeneous concepts of current autobiographical writing and demonstrates how classical topoi of contemplation continue to ...


Hoffmann, Christoph

Schreiben im Forschen

Christoph Hoffmann shows that in research, writing takes on the character of a procedure that yields epistemic effects. Whoever writes not only processes things, but in ...


Becker, Matthias

Die Bedrohung der Polis

How did threats perceived as acute influence the political thought of those they affected in the ancient world? Taking Hesiod's Works and Days as an example, Matthias ...


Latour, Bruno


Based on numerous interviews, technical reports and documentation, Bruno Latour traces the collapse of a large public transportation system project – the Personal Rapid Transit system named Aramis – in Paris. ...



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