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Popper, Karl R.

Gesammelte Werke in deutscher Sprache

This set contains all of the volumes of von Karl R. Popper, Gesammelte Werke in deutscher Sprache.The purpose of this edition is stated exactly in ...


Ferraris, Maurizio


The time has come to stop thinking of the future as a projection of the past. The technological revolution has brought with it a new ecosystem. Understanding the Web's nature is the first ...


Karant-Nunn, Susan C.

Ritual, Gender, and Emotions

This volume presents important essays by Susan C. Karant-Nunn for the first time in collected form. The essays deal with the social and cultural change ...


Rüthers, Bernd

Die unbegrenzte Auslegung

Bernd Rüthers provides a comprehensive description and analysis of the development of civil law during National Socialism.



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