Emanuel Tov

The Formation of the (Proto‑)Masoretic Text

Volume 9 () / Issue 3, pp. 306-319 (14)
Published 18.02.2021

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We define several principles for analyzing the development patterns of the proto-MT, such as the two stages in the life of the proto-MT books, the assumption that there was only a single copy of the proto-MT of each book, and the different textual quality of the scripture books. A guiding principle for our thinking is that the archetype of the proto-MT was not formed at one time. To the assumption that the canonization of the three parts of scripture was gradual, I add the hypothesis that the fixation of the three sections of the archetype of the text (the proto-MT) also took place in stages, together with the fixing of the content.

Emanuel Tov Born 1941; 1973 PhD in biblical studies at the Hebrew University; since 1986 Professor in the Department of Bible of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem; since 1990 he holds the J. L. Magnes chair.