Religious Studies

Robert Daniel

A Vestige of the Ptolemaic Crocodile Cult in a Curse from Caesarea Maritima against a Pantomime Dancer

Volume 7 () / Issue 1, pp. 71-77 (7)
Published 04.08.2021

A curse tablet found during excavations at the Promontory Palace in Caesarea Maritima is directed against a pantomime dancer. Noteworthy among the gods addressed is a group of crocodile gods. Their importance in the curse is underscored by the depiction of a crocodile at the lower right of the text, the only drawing on the tablet. The present article suggests that these crocodile gods are a remnant of the Ptolemaic crocodile cult, which was presumably introduced into the region when it was under Ptolemaic rule in the third century BCE.

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