Public Access Policy

In general, all Mohr Siebeck publications are protected by copyright. When an article is accepted for publication, the exclusive copyright is granted to Mohr Siebeck. This copyright expires with the termination of the period of copyright protection as stipulated by law. The right of publication comprises the right to do a photomechanical reproduction of the work and to distribute this as well as the right to store the data, to distribute it on a data carrier and to make the data accessible to the public.

Under certain circumstances we will grant permission for documents to be reproduced or distributed elsewhere or to be given to a third party.

For further information, please go to Rights & Permissions.

  • to distribute the e-offprint of the contribution for private use (e.g. via e-mail), but not to make it accessible to the public (e.g. at any website, intranet or repository)
  • authors of journal contributions may grant another publisher non-exclusive permission to reprint the article one year after publication. Authors of contributions appearing in edited volumes may do likewise two years following publication.
  • One year following publication, authors of journal articles may make these accessible online for non-commercial purposes only (e.g. in a repository, intranet, or on In all cases full reference must be made to the Mohr Siebeck publication. For journal articles with DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers), these too must be mentioned.
  • Contributions in edited volumes may not be posted online until two years following publication. In all cases full reference must be made to the Mohr Siebeck publication. 
  • Extended rights apply to the "FinanzArchiv", "Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics" and "Rabels Zeitschrift." For more information, please go to

    Before the respective embargo runs out, you may post your book’s cover or that of the respective journal, the table of contents and/or indices, plus, providing there is one, the official abstract of your contribution on your own homepage or institution’s repository (or, for example, on In all cases, please be sure to include a link to the relevant volume or journal on our homepage.


No one may reproduce or distribute the entire book or parts of it in a print or an electronic version without the publisher's permission. Please contact

For contributions in the likes of handbooks and guides (e.g., UTB volumes and reference works such as RGG4), the following applies: it is not permitted to reproduce or distribute the contribution in a print or electronic version without the publisher's permission. Please get in touch with our rights department for full details.