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Between Canonical and Apocryphal Texts

How do apocryphal texts rewrite and reinterpret traditions from earlier, authoritative texts? The volume compares processes of reception and interpretation in early Jewish ...


Bahl, Patrick

Die Macht der Sünde im Römerbrief

Against the backdrop of Graeco-Roman argumentation theory and Jewish-Hellenistic argumentation practice, Patrick Bahl's exegetical and history of theology ...


Schwartz, Marcus Mordecai

Rewriting the Talmud

In this study, Marcus Mordecai Schwartz argues that there were two distinct periods in which traditions from Rabbinic Palestine exerted their influence upon ...


Scialabba, Daniela

Creation and Salvation

The recent debate on the religion of ancient Israel is strongly influenced by the idea that monotheism is the root of violence. Daniela Scialabba seeks to investigate ...


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October 16 – 20, 2019


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December 15 – 17, 2019 in San Diego, CA

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