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Swartz, Michael D.

The Mechanics of Providence

What effect did the phenomena we call magic and mysticism have on the shaping of Judaism in late antiquity? Michael D. Swartz offers a wide-ranging study of the ...


Kurtz, Paul Michael

Kaiser, Christ, and Canaan

What did biblical scholars, theologians, orientalists, philologists, and ancient historians of the 19th century consider »religion« and »history« to be? How ...


Sanders, James A.

Scripture in Its Historical Contexts

The studies by James A. Sanders collected in this first of two volumes document the diversity of textual traditions, as well as the diversity ...


Friis, Martin

Image and Imitation

In this work, Martin Friis examines the ancient Jewish author Flavius Josephus' various ways of self-presentation. He provides numerous examples of how in the first half of the Jewish ...


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