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Über das Glück

The Life of Proclus or On Happiness, written by the Neoplatonic philosopher Marinus, is a remarkable text from the late 5th century AD. In the introduction as well as in the seven essays of this volume, the authors ...


Schaper, Joachim

Media and Monotheism

In this study, Joachim Schaper investigates the transformation of the pre-exilic Yahweh religion into the monotheism of the post-exilic period which was triggered by a new ...


Schwartz, Marcus Mordecai

Rewriting the Talmud

In this study, Marcus Mordecai Schwartz argues that there were two distinct periods in which traditions from Rabbinic Palestine exerted their influence upon ...


Backhaus, Knut

Die Entgrenzung des Heils

The Book of Acts is the master narrative of early Christianity. Luke's innovative portrayal of what had gone before gave the nascent church the sense of direction it needed ...


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