Rights & Permissions

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Rights & Permissions Department.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Rights & Permissions Department.

If you would like to license one of our works (as a paperback edition, a translation or place it online), please get in touch with wener@mohrsiebeck.com

Current catalogs and directories can be found here.

All Mohr Siebeck publications are protected by copyright. Prior written permission must be obtained from us if you would like to reprint essays from one of our collections or journals.

To submit a request, please fill in this form.

Please be aware that permissions can not be granted verbally and we can only deal with requests made in writing.  These can take up to six weeks to process so please submit them timeously.

No permission is necessary when quoting fewer than 400 words. Full reference to the original source must nevertheless always be made.

Exclusive copyright to articles is granted to Mohr Siebeck when they are accepted for publication in our journals and edited volumes. Mohr Siebeck has the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the contribution as well as to make it publicly accessible online. As author you retain the right to distribute the e-offprint of your contribution for private use (e.g. via e-mail), but not to make it accessible to the public - e.g. at any website, intranet or repository.

 For articles in journals, exclusivity falls away one year following publication, for chapters in edited volumes after two years. Correspondingly, you may then (a) reproduce and distribute a print version of your contribution; (b) grant another publisher non-exclusive permission to reprint an article following its publication with us; (c) make the print identical version accessible online for non-commercial purposes only. In all cases, full reference is to be made to the original Mohr Siebeck publication and, for journal contributions where applicable, mention made of the article's DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

For contributions in the likes of handbooks and guides (e.g., UTB volumes and reference works such as RGG4), the following applies: it is not permitted to reproduce or distribute the contribution in a print or electronic version without the publisher's permission. Please get in touch with our rights department for full details.

Monographs or parts thereof may neither be reproduced, distributed or made available online without the express permission of the publisher. However, we will be pleased to grant permissions to our authors for the purpose of internal university evaluations, or in the case of other special circumstances. Please get in touch with our rights department with full details.