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Kleffmann, Tom

Kleine Summe der Theologie

What is the meaning of faith? What can a revelation of God mean? Tom Kleffmann provides a thorough portrayal of the overall context of Christian faith and thinking as a ...


Barth, Susanne

Tätige Nächstenliebe in Werk und Wirken Gregors des Großen

When Gregory the Great became pope at a time of political and religious crisis, he assumed ...


Eckstein, Juliane

Die Semantik von Ijob 6–7

Juliane Eckstein explains several contested words in the Hebrew Book of Job. For this she combines well-established methods of exegetical research with an ...


Gallus, Petr

The Perspective of Resurrection

Because the Christian faith stands and falls with Jesus Christ, Christology is at the heart of its theology. Answering the question of Jesus Christ’s identity is ...


Conferences & Exhibitions


SBL International (Canterbury)

July 25-29, 2021 in Canterbury/GB +++ cancelled


Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas (SNTS) (Leuven)

July 27-30, 2021 in Leuven (Belgium)


Origeniana XIII (Münster)

August 17-20, 2021 in Münster (Germany)

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