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Cover of: Ahab als Krösus: Anmerkungen zu 1Kön 22
Wolfgang Oswald

Ahab als Krösus: Anmerkungen zu 1Kön 22

Section: Articles
Volume 105 (2008) / Issue 1, pp. 1-14 (14)
Published 09.07.2018
DOI 10.1628/004435408783672225
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  • 10.1628/004435408783672225
The narrative in 1 Kings 22 does not deal with the problem of false prophecy, but with the rejection of King Ahab. An ambiguous oracle in the tradition of the Halys oracle to King Croesus entices Ahab into going to war. The disguising of Ahab is similar to the attempt known in the Greek tradition as well, an attempt to avoid his destiny.