Matthias Konradt

Die Christonomie der Freiheit. Zu Paulus' Entfaltung seines ethischen Ansatzes in Gal 5,13–6,10

Section: Articles
Early Christianity (EC)

Volume 1 () / Issue 1, pp. 60-81 (22)

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The article addresses the question of the precise location of ethics within Pauline theology, with particular reference to the connection of freedom and love in Galatians. First, the characteristics of freedom in Christ are outlined, as Paul develops this theme in Galatians. Second, consideration is given to the relation between freedom and mutual service through love, in the power of the Spirit; and third, the question of the pragmatic function of Galatians 5.13–6.10 in the total context of the letter is investigated. It is emphasized that Galatians is to be read in the context of ancient discourses on freedom, the significance of laws, and the relation of freedom and law.

Matthias Konradt Born 1967; 1996 Dr. theol.; 1999 Ordination; 2002 Habilitation; currently Professor of New Testament at Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg.