Stefan Krauter

Die divisio des biblischen Kanons bei Thomas von Aquin

Volume 117 () / Issue 3, pp. 267-287 (21)
Published 14.09.2020

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In his inaugural lecture of 1256, Thomas Aquinas develops a disposition of the biblical canon together with an interpretation of the sequence of books. Thomas structures the canon as a double Tanakh, with the Old Testament revolving around the law and the New Testament being based on the giving of the grace in the Gospels. Thomas uses traditional dispositions of the canon (especially Hieronymus), but his work is also based on a careful exegesis of the biblical books and on an individual theological construction. Thomas' disposition challenges some common assumptions regarding the canon (e. g., that the Christian Old Testament, unlike the Jewish Tanakh, has a salvation historical order) and can provide impulses for modern debates on canon hermeneutics and biblical theology.

Stefan Krauter Geboren 1973; Studium der Ev. Theologie und lateinischen Philologie; 2004 Promotion; 2009 Habilitation; 2009−19 Pfarrer der Ev. Münstergemeinde Ulm; seit 2019 Assistenzprofessor für Neues Testament an der Theologischen Fakultät der Universität Zürich.