Wilfried Engemann

Emotive Aspekte der Predigt

Gegebenheiten – Beobachtungen – Folgerungen

Volume 118 () / Issue 4, pp. 471-494 (24)
Published 09.12.2021

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Christian faith and religion are by their very nature strongly characterized by emotions. This has immediate consequences for the analysis and design of the practice of Christianity. Emotional aspects must be adequately reflected in the communication of the Gospel. This article explains the emotive profile of the Christian religion with reference to the category of a good awareness of life. The emotional motives and contents of biblical texts, the emotional presence of the preacher, challenges related to the language of preaching as well as to the emotional expectations of the listeners are addressed. Finally, the article characterizes the genre of the sermon as a »passionate plea« and points out corresponding desiderates for homiletic didactics.