Ereignis und Transzendenz - 10.1628/004435413X13835622623438 - Mohr Siebeck

Ingolf U. Dalferth

Ereignis und Transzendenz

Volume 110 () / Issue 4, pp. 475-500 (26)

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The paper discusses the thesis that »the insight into the event character of everything that is« (Tengelyi) is the key to understanding the most recent developments in French phenomenology. In this article, I distinguish between and explain three different concepts of event which function in ontological, semiotic and theological discourses and which express the event character of being, meaning and existence. These three concepts of event cannot be traced back to each other or something else. Hence philosophical and theologi cal discourses of event comply with different event grammars.

Ingolf U. Dalferth Geboren 1948; 1977 Promotion; 1982 Habilitation; Professor emeritus für Systematische Theologie, Symbolik und Religionsphilosophie an der Universität Zürich; seit 2008 Danforth Professor of Philosophy of Religion an der Claremont Graduate University in Kalifornien.