Nikolai Kiel

Gregor von Nyssa als geistiger Nachfolger des Basilius von Caesarea

Prägung und Einfluss des Basilius im Leben und in der Theologie des Nysseners

Volume 120 () / Issue 1, pp. 27-53 (27)
Published 21.02.2023

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The life of Gregory of Nyssa is firmly linked to that of his brother Basil of Caesarea, with the former owing his philosophical-rhetorical education and his ecclesiastical career to the latter. In the process, Gregory benefited from his brother's many connections and, after Basil's death, he became one of the most important representatives of the Neo-Nicene circle. This essay will focus on Gregory's relationship with Basil, as the older brother took a crucial role in his biographical development. As bishop of Caesarea, Basil encouraged his younger brother in literary activities and helped him to achieve his position in church politics. But just how did Basil influence Gregory's theology? And can this influence be detected in the writings of the Nyssenian? To answer these questions, the biographical and theological imprint of Basil on Gregory is examined. Illuminating this relationship leads to a better understanding Gregory's effectiveness as bishop of Nyssa.