Jewish Studies

Michael L. Satlow

Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine

Section: Articles
Jewish Studies Quarterly (JSQ)

Volume 29 () / Issue 4, pp. 349-369 (21)
Published 23.11.2022

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This essay describes and traces the development of »Inscriptions of Israel/ Palestine,« a website devoted to collecting, making freely accessible, and analyzing ancient inscriptions from the region of modern Israel/Palestine. The essay pays special attention to some of the more important decisions that we have made and our rationale behind them. One of the primary goals of this essay is to introduce the process that we have used and the challenges that we have confronted (and continue to confront) to scholars who are involved in or contemplating starting their own digital humanities projects. At the end, I reflect more broadly on how what we have learned might contribute to the development of digital humanities in the area of Jewish studies.

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