Jewish Studies

Andreas Lehnertz

Margarete, Reynette and Meide: Three Jewish Women from Koblenz in the 14th Century

Section: Articles
Jewish Studies Quarterly (JSQ)

Volume 28 () / Issue 4, pp. 388-405 (18)
Published 09.12.2021

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This paper explores the lives of three Jewish women in the Late Middle Ages – Margarete, Reynette and Meide of the Bonenfant family – who lived in Koblenz, which was part of the archdiocese of Trier. It aims to shed light on how the roles and relationships with each other and to the city changed in light of economic, political and legal settings that impacted Jewish life. I argue, that these three women's lives were centered around their hometown and that all three struggled with different economic, political and legal obstacles. Methods from gender studies as well as discussions of space will be utilized along with understudied archival material such as seals, Hebrew signatures and notes on business records to gain new insights into the lives of these three women. It will become clear, that these three women were extraordinary figures living at times of upheaval, holding leading roles within their family.

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