Religious Studies

Nathanael Andrade

Roman Religion at Palmyra?

Emperor Worship and Cuirassed Gods

Volume 8 () / Issue 2, pp. 242-262 (21)
Published 18.01.2023

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DOI: 10.1628/rre-2022-0015
Open Access: CC BY-SA 4.0
By all appearances, very little of the cultural or religious life at Palmyra is 'Roman'. Yet, when we probe the continuities and changes of Palmyra's urban religion over time, we encounter certain cues through which the Palmyrenes demonstrated recognition of their place in the Roman imperial system even as they nurtured distinctly local or regional religious practices. One cue involves the worship of Roman emperors. But other cues were embedded in the worship of what are often deemed Palmyra's most 'indigenous' and localised divinities: Yarhibol and Aglibol, Bel's consorts.

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