Hans Förster

Schrift und Schriftverständnis in Joh 20,8f

Section: Articles
Early Christianity (EC)

Volume 5 () / Issue 4, pp. 419-440 (22)

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The empty tomb narrative and related events in the Gospel of John (20:1–18) contain a segment that, in the context of the interpretation of this passage, is frequently the source of heated debate. After the »other disciple« enters the empty tomb, the text reports that he sees and believes. His belief is, however, immediately withdrawn in the next verse: »For they had not understood the Scripture that he must rise from the dead« (v.9). The present essay attempts to situate this segment in the broader context of the Fourth Gospel and, in doing so, demonstrates that the reference to »Scripture« presupposes a distinctively Johannine interpretation found elsewhere in the text.

Hans Förster Geboren 1969; 1997 Promotion; 1998–2003 Mitarbeit an verschiedenen Projekten des Österreichischen Wissenschaftsfonds (FWF) im Bereich Koptologie und Papyrologie; 2004–2006 APART-Stipendiat der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften; seit 2007 Mitarbeiter eines FWF-Projekts zur koptischen Papyrologie.