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Cover of: Seine Geschichte der Philosophie
Vittorio Hösle

Seine Geschichte der Philosophie

Section: Articles
Volume 68 (2021) / Issue 2, pp. 164-207 (44)
Published 03.09.2021
DOI 10.1628/phr-2021-0019
Published in German.
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  • 10.1628/phr-2021-0019
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The long review essays guides through Habermas's large work Auch eine Geschichte der Philosophie. After a thorough summary it discusses his concept of the history of philosophy (with its links to social and political history as well as its supposed progress structure), the theory of the three paradigms of objectivity, subjectivity, and intersubjectivity, the criticism of metaphysics, and the shortcomings of his concept of religion. It then discusses his concrete interpretation of the history of thought and points to numerous factual errors. Finally, it situates Habermas's approach historically and shows its connections to Comte's sociology.

Jürgen Habermas: Auch eine Geschichte der Philosophie. Bd. 1: Die okzidentale Konstellation von Glauben und Wissen, Bd. 2: Vernünftige Freiheit. Spuren des Diskurses über Glauben und Wissen. Frankfurt a. M. 2019: Suhrkamp. 918 u. 820 S.