Hans Dieter Betz

Selbsttäuschung und Selbsterkenntnis bei Paulus. Zur Interpretation von 1Kor 3,18–23

Volume 105 () / Issue 1, pp. 15-35 (21)

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Rhetorical analysis shows that the section of 1Cor 3:18–23 concludes the theological arguments presented in chapters 1–3 of this letter. The text contains a sequence of two sayings compositions: a warning against self-deception (3:18–21a) and a praise (3:21b-23). The problems of interpretation concern the translation of some terms, and the explanation of what is meant by self-deception, including its background in Hellenistic thought on the concept of wisdom. The concept of self-deception is closely related to that of self-knowledge. In his argument Paul points out how self-knowledge can be obtained, while self-deception is avoided. His own self-knowledge is expressed in connection with his autobiographical statements.

Hans Dieter Betz Born 1931; studied Protestant Theology in Bethel, Mainz, and Cambridge (UK); 1957 PhD; 1966 Habilitation; 1963–78 Professor of New Testament at the School of Theology in Claremont, California; since 1978 Shailer Mathews Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Literature at the University of Chicago; since 2000 emeritus.