Traugott Roser

Sozialraum und kirchliche Seelsorge

Zum Verständnis sozialen Sterbens vor und nach der Pandemie

Section: Contributions to the Discussion
Theologische Rundschau (ThR)

Volume 86 () / Issue 3-4, pp. 440-452 (13)
Published 25.01.2022

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The phenomenon of social death has become much more visible during the Corona crisis. This article approaches the problem by defining the term and its history, and illustrates it by means of two case studies of so-called 'undetected deaths'. Problematic connections between dwindling social spaces, impoverished social communication, and reduced presence of church parish activities are discussed against the background of the concept of »social dying«. The article concludes with a biblical perspective from Lk 17 as visualized in a medieval illustration.

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