Holger Fleischer, Sebastian Bong, Sofie Cools

Spezialisierte Spruchkörper im Gesellschaftsrecht

Specialized courts are on the advance in many locations. This development is on display also in commercial law and company law. The present article cannot address the topic in its entirety and focuses instead on those judicial bodies that adjudicate internal corporate disputes. Three historic and comparative examples illustrate the particular types of institutions that have been formed. At the outset, the venerable German Divisions for Commercial Matters (Kammern für Handelssachen) are analysed, followed by likely the two best-known special courts for company law matters: the Delaware Court of Chancery and the Companies and Business Court (Ondernemingskamer) of the Amsterdam Court of Appeals. These three case studies are followed by a number of comparative observations on specialized judicial bodies in company law.

Holger Fleischer ist Direktor am Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht in Hamburg.

Sebastian Bong Geboren 1988; Studium der Rechtswissenschaften an der Bucerius Law School, Hamburg; Referendariat am Hanseatisches Oberlandesgericht; Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht, Hamburg; seit 2018 Notarassessor, Hamburgische Notarkammer.

Sofie Cools No current data available.