Religious Studies

Asuman Lätzer-Lasar

Testing a New Methodological Approach on an Old Case Study

Religious Ancient Placemaking of the Goddess Mater Magna in the City of Rome

Volume 9 () / Issue 3, pp. 367-394 (28)
Published 06.03.2024

The paper aims to bring together the diverse – and at some point even disparate – research on Mater Magna veneration. The very heterogeneous kinds of data, stemming from archaeology, ancient history, philology and religious history, are connected by an analytical grid, the so-called Religious Ancient Placemaking (RAP) approach. The grid allows us to analyse the interdisciplinary data equally through the creation of an ontology for a knowledge network, leading to new results and sociological insights, such as immaterial alignment or heterarchical stigma management, which contribute to a further completion of the study.

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