Unmanifested Harm in Business-to-Consumer Transactions - 10.1628/093245611794656589 - Mohr Siebeck

Geoffrey P. Miller

Unmanifested Harm in Business-to-Consumer Transactions

Volume 167 () / Issue 1, pp. 80-93 (14)

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This article considers four liability regimes for unmanifested harm in business-to-consumer transactions: (a) delayed damages that require the consumer to wait until the harm occurs; (b) anticipatory damages that award money to a consumer based on the statistical probability that the product will fail or cause harm; (c) injunctive relief prohibiting the manufacturer from producing the product; and (d) trust damages, under which the manufacturer endows a bankruptcy-remote fund for the purpose of compensating consumers if and when harm occurs. (JEL: K12, K13, K42)

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