Martin Heckel

Zur Zukunft der theologischen Forschung und Lehre in Berlin

Volume 114 () / Issue 3, pp. 330-365 (36)

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The striving for a closer cooperation between the theologians of Christian, Jewish and Islamic religious communities by a commission appointed by the theology faculty's council at Berlin's Humboldt University and charged with bringing together further theologians is both vital and very welcome. However, creating a joint multi-religious or multiconfessional faculty of theology is neither necessary, fitting nor conducive, but rather to be rejected for several reasons: it would bring with it considerable disadvantages, frictions and threats to theology's status in the secular constitutional and cultural states.

Martin Heckel Geboren 1929; Studium der Rechtswissenschaft in München; 1955 Promotion; 1960 Habilitation in Heidelberg; 1960–97 o. Professor des öffentlichen Rechts und Kirchenrechts in Tübingen; seit 1997 emeritiert.