Hans-Joachim Stadermann

Allgemeine Theorie der Wirtschaft

Band 2: Nominalökonomik
Hrsg. v. Hans-Joachim Stadermann u. Otto Steiger

[A General Theory of Economics Volume 2. Nominal Economics.]

2006. X, 429 pages.
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ISBN 978-3-16-148909-9
Published in German.
Nominal economics is a monetary theory of economics. Hans-Joachim Stadermann shows how useless classical and neoclassical economics are in spite of their success. In their place, he proposes a theory of nominal contracts, in which those transacting business are liable for their obligations to the extent of their property.
Hans-Joachim Stadermann deals with nominal economics, a monetary theory of economics. For nominal economics, the system of reciprocal contractual obligations, which are specified in money, are the mainstay of the general economic equilibrium. These nominal contracts create claims on the one hand, but they also create the same number of obligations on the basis of property and liability on the other hand. Seen from this standpoint, economics is an interinstitutional process which is conducted with secure money from the central bank and which takes place in space and time. In this system, money, credit and capital combine, through regulated markets, activities in private and public budgets with those in corporations and organizations which are not profit-oriented. The result is a productive understanding of those actions which can be observed in reality.

Hans-Joachim Stadermann Geboren 1942; 1984 Professor für Volkswirtschaftslehre an der Fachhochschule für Wirtschaft Berlin.

Otto Steiger Geboren 1938; Professor für Geldtheorie und Makroökonomik an der Universität Bremen.


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