Paul J. Sander

Alternate Delimitations in the Hebrew and Greek Psalters

A Theological Analysis

[Alternative Abgrenzungen im hebräischen und griechischen Psalter.]

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Numerous Greek and Hebrew manuscripts of the book of Psalms combine and split several psalms in ways that are not found in a modern bible. Paul J. Sander explores the literary and theological interpretative possibilities created by these alternate delimitations of the biblical text.
In this study, Paul J. Sander examines the phenomenon of alternate psalm delimitation in the Hebrew and Greek psalters (Psalms 9, 10, 114, 115, 116, and 147 in the Hebrew and Psalms 9, 113, 114, 115, 146, and 147 in the Greek). The main goal of his analysis is to determine the literary, theological, and canonical significance of these alternate psalm delimitations. The author shows that combined delimitation of the received Hebrew text of Psalms 9–10 and 114–115 creates interpretative possibilities that are not present without the combined interplay of the respective psalms. Similarly, the separate delimitation of the received Hebrew text of Psalms 116 and 147 creates other interpretative possibilities based upon linkages with adjacent psalms and an increased focus on the specific themes in the separately delimited psalms. The Greek lexical differences have literary and theological effects that correlate to varying degrees with the alternate Greek delimitations and open up new interpretative possibilities for the respective texts.

Paul J. Sander 2017 PhD from Fordham University; currently Adjunct Faculty at Fordham University.


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