Leslie Manthey

Amnestiegesetze und Rule of Law im Völkerrecht

Die völkerrechtliche Einhegung innerstaatlicher Amnestien: Verrechtlichung des Politischen oder Politisierung des Rechts?
[National Amnesties and the Global Rule of Law. Legalising Domestic Amnesties under International Law: Legalising the Political or Politicising the Law?]
2022. XVIII, 267 pages.
DOI 10.1628/978-3-16-160907-7
Published in German.
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While developments in international law may seemingly have signalled the »end of amnesty«, Leslie Manthey's detailed analysis of the legal doctrine reveals that there is no universal rule against national amnesties for international crimes or severe violations of human rights. She explains this with a theory of law that understands international criminal law as a form of norm projection, which aims at replacing the political with law – criminalising the enemy, leaving no room for amnesties. However, this enterprise may turn into its own political utopia.

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