Religious Studies

W.G. Lambert / Ryan D. Winters

An = Anum and Related Lists

God Lists of Ancient Mesopotamia, Volume I
Edited by Andrew George and Manfred Krebernik

[An = Anum und verwandte Listen. Die Götterlisten des Alten Mesopotamien, Band I.]

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Published in English.
Lexical lists, among them lists of gods, are typical products of Mesopotamian scholarship. They combine philological data like the spellings and pronunciations of divine names with religio-historical information on the structure of the pantheon. Among other lists, the volume provides the long-awaited new edition of the longest god list, »An = Anum.«
This volume is the first in a planned edition of the complete corpus of ancient Mesopotamian god lists. It contains the lists »An = Anum« (including its forerunners) and »An = Anu ša amēli« along with several similar, more-or-less fragmentary lists. The god list An = Anum was, with its ca. 2000 entries, the most comprehensive list of its kind. It is systematically organized and contains explanations both of individual deities and of certain groups of deities. The textual witnesses also provide, to a varying degree, pronunciation and translation glosses. In this edition each list is presented as a composite reconstructed text with translation, critical apparatus, and synoptic table of the textual witnesses, followed in each case by a philological commentary. In addition, the textual witnesses are transliterated individually. Names, words, and glosses are made accessible through detailed indexes. Hand copies and photographs of previously unpublished sources conclude the volume.

W.G. Lambert (1926–2011): 1955–59 Lecturer, University of Toronto; 1959–64 Associate Professor and Chair of Oriental Seminary, Johns Hopkins University; 1964 Lecturer, then 1970–93 Professor of Assyriology, University of Birmingham; 1971 Fellow of the British Academy. He devoted his life to the decipherment and study of cuneiform tablets, chiefly in the British Museum, and is noted for his masterly reconstruction of a large number of Babylonian literary texts, beginning with Babylonian Wisdom Literature (1960) and concluding with Babylonian Creation Myths (2013).

Ryan D. Winters Born 1987; 2011–18 BA from the University of Chicago and PhD from Harvard University in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations; since 2018 employed as a postdoctoral researcher at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena.

Andrew George Born 1955; 1973–79 studied at the University of Birmingham; 1976 BA; 1985 PhD; 1983–2020 taught Akkadian and Sumerian at SOAS University of London; 2000 Professor of Babylonian; 2000–01 Visiting Professor, Ruprecht-Karls-Universtät Heidelberg; 2004–05 Member, Institute for Advanced Study Princeton; 2006 Fellow of the British Academy; 2011 Honorary Member of the American Oriental Society; since 2020 retired as Professor Emeritus.

Manfred Krebernik Born 1953; studied classics, Semitic languages and assyriology in Munich; academic assistant at the Institute of Assyriology in Munich; 1991–94 Heisenberg fellow; 1995–95 Professor of Assyriology in Munich; 1998–2021 Chair of Ancient Near Eastern Studies and curator of the »Frau Professor Hilprecht Collection of Babylonian Antiquities« at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena; since 2003 corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy; 2021 retired.


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