Sofanit Tamene Abebe

Apocalyptic Spatiality in 1 Peter and Selected 1 Enoch Literature

A Comparative Analysis

[Apokalyptische Räumlichkeit in 1. Petrus und ausgewählten Teilen des 1. Henochbuches. Eine vergleichende Analyse.]

2024. Approx. 240 pages.
forthcoming in September

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. Reihe

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ISBN 978-3-16-162230-4
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Considering the claim of divinely revealed knowledge about reality found in 1 Peter and 1 Enoch, Sofanit Tamene Abebe analyses the authors’ spatial self-expression by taking insight from theories that view space in terms of the effect they have on people and their ability to be reconstructed. She shows that each author’s view of reality relativizes and resists the status quo.
Sofanit Tamene Abebe analyses the constructions of symbolic space in the later 1 Enoch texts and 1 Peter, and the extent to which their respective vision of reality is constructed on the basis of an axis linking heaven and earth through divine revelation. She argues that the revelatory basis on which the Enochic authors form their text gives their readers access to a new spatial reality. In 1 Peter, through recalling cultic spatial practices and significant events from Israel’s sacred past, she depicts how the addresses form the space where the divine dwells. Such a spatial construal reconstitutes them as the mobile axis linking heaven and earth. In this way, 1 Peter construes the readers’ corporate and corporeal existence in Roman Asia Minor within the Jewish matrix of exile as a mode of existence on an apocalyptic stage newly configured by Christ.
Survey of contents
Chapter 1: Introductory Matters
Chapter 2: Apocalyptic Spatiality in 1 Enoch 91–108
Chapter 3: Apocalyptic Spatiality in 1 Peter
Chapter 4: Apocalyptic Spatiality in 1 Enoch 91–108 and 1 Peter
Chapter 5: Conclusion

Sofanit Tamene Abebe Born 1984; BS, MSc Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen; MA, MTh Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology; PhD University of Edinburgh in New Testament & Christian Origins; Lecturer in New Testament and Dean of Students at the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology.


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