Armut – Arbeit – Menschenwürde 978-3-16-156436-9 - Mohr Siebeck

Armut – Arbeit – Menschenwürde

Die Euböische Rede des Dion von Prusa
Eingel., übers. u. m. interpretierenden Essays versehen v. Gustav A. Lehmann, Dorit Engster, Dorothee Gall u.a.

[Poverty – Work – Human Dignity. Dio of Prusa's Euboean Oration.]

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ISBN 978-3-16-156436-9
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Published in German.
This volume contains a full translation and commentary of Dio of Prusa's Euboean oration. The volume is enriched by a series of essays on the literary, archeological and philosophical-ethical aspects of this treatise.
This volume contains a full translation and commentary of Dio of Prusa's Euboean Oration, of which generally only the first part, a short narrative about the life of a hunter's family in southern Euboea, is known. The second part of the speech, however, is at least of equal interest, because it presents a substantial social and economic program that is to ensure decent working conditions and a humane livelihood especially for the urban poor. This program is closely connected with Dio's lifelong engagement not only as a politician in his native city of Prusa, but also as a philosophical counsellor and orator in Rome. A number of essays illuminate the literary, archaeological, ethical and sociopolitical aspects of this work and thus make it possible (for the first time) to fully appreciate its contents.

Dorit Engster No current data available.

Dorothee Gall Geboren 1953; Studium in Köln und Bonn; 1979 Staatsexamen in Klassischer Philologie und Germanistik; 1981 Promotion; 1995 Habilitation; 1996–99 Heisenberg-Stipendiatin; 1999–2005 Professur für Latinistik in Hamburg, 2005–19 Professur für Latinistik in Bonn.

Elisabeth Herrmann-Otto No current data available.

Werner Heun war Professor für Öffentliches Recht und Direktor des Instituts für Allgemeine Staatslehre und Politische Wissenschaften an der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen und Richter des Niedersächsischen Staatsgerichtshofs.

Gustav Adolf Lehmann Geboren 1942; 1961–65 Studium der Alten Geschichte, Klass. Philologie und Archäologie; 1965 Promotion; 1970 Habilitation; 1993–2010 Professor für Alte Geschichte und Direktor des Althistorischen Seminars der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen; seit 2010 emeritiert.

Hans Rupprecht Goette No current data available.

Barbara Zehnpfennig No current data available.


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