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Artibus ingenuis

Beiträge zu Theologie, Philosophie, Jurisprudenz und Ökonomik
Hrsg. v. Georg Siebeck
[Artibus Ingenuis. Essays on Theology, Philosophy, Law and Economics. Edited by Georg Siebeck.]
2001. X, 172 pages.
Published in German.
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This volume contains the six anniversary lectures which were held to celebrate Mohr Siebeck's 200th birthday. Each of them focuses on an area which borders on one of the other four main fields in which the company publishes books: Theology, Philosophy, Law and Economics. The texts give an insight into these disciplines, and demonstrate what is meant by the motto artibus ingenuis. Together, they illustrate a kind of »old European« unity of scholarly disciplines which join to explain the prerequisites and propose the rules for human beings living together in a responsible manner. In order to give explanations and to propose rules of this nature, all disciplines should look beyond their own backyards and explain their own findings to those living in other backyards.