Daniel Gustafsson

Aspects of Coherency in Luke's Composite Christology

[Aspekte der Kohärenz in der zusammengesetzten Christologie des Lukas.]

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Daniel Gustafsson analyzes how the writer of the Gospel of Luke combines presentations of Jesus as Son of God, Son of Man, king, prophet, and Messiah.
Luke has often been understood to transmit a variety of Christological traditions without reflecting on them in relation to each other. In this study, Daniel Gustafsson challenges such positions and demonstrates that when the Gospel of Luke is approached as a narrative, a different picture emerges. Presentations of Jesus as »Messiah«, »Son of God«, »prophet«, and »Son of Man« are shown to conform to Luke's overall plot and significantly overlap each other. The voices of characters with high authority, the use of Scripture, and Jesus's relationship to the Holy Spirit are examples of other factors that contribute to coherency in Luke's Christology.

Daniel Gustafsson Born 1987; 2019 PhD in New Testament Exegesis, Uppsala University; since 2018 director and chaplain, Sankt Ansgars stiftelse, Uppsala.


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In: JETS — 66 (2023), pp. 375–377 (Robert Herron)